Slow Drags

If You’ve Always Wanted To Race Your Met — Here’s The Perfect Opportunity!

We will be holding the first ever “MOCNA Slow Drags” so you can line up against your competition and “let ‘er RIP”! (Well... for 20 feet or so anyway!)

If you don’t think that sounds like very much fun, consider this – once you have your Met moving you’re not allowed to use the gas or brake for the rest of the course – and if you CROSS the finish line – you LOSE!

Whoa – so how does THAT work? Two Mets are aligned side by side at the starting line. The flag is dropped and both cars “give it the gas” (as much or as little as they deem necessary) but only to a second line approximately 20-40 feet or so in front of them (distance determined by the course).

As the second line is crossed, the gas pedal must be released, the Met placed in neutral, and the brake may not be used (except in a REAL emergency (ie: the other driver loses control and crosses into your lane, or an old guy wanders out in front of you, or an alligator crosses the track….). The Met that coasts to a complete stop the closest to the finish line wins that heat. The loser becomes a spectator!

Easy, right! You’ve got “SKILLS,” right! We’ll see!

Our race track may be a straight line, may have a chicane, or may curve and go up a hill – we just never know until we set up the track – practice at home, and we’ll do our best to allow you some practice runs before the big race!

You’ll be amazed at all the shenanigans that go on to be the one car that coasts the farthest without crossing the finish line. Open to all MOCNA members who have a driver’s license. Helmets are optional.

Slow Drags Photo Gallery

A look back at some past Slow Drag events!

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